About This Blog

About This Blog

Hello, my name is Matt Wachowski.  Welcome to my blog about photography!

The goal of this blog is to take what I've learned about photography and present it openly so that you might find ways to improve your photography, learn something new or find bits of motivation to continue developing your skills.

I'm not a "one size fits all" type of thinker so don't expect simple "do this, don't do that", "buy this, don't buy that" recommendations.  Instead, it's my goal to try and present the trade-offs of different approaches, techniques and equipment choices as I currently see them.  It's then up to you to decide if I'm making a good case and how these trade-offs relate to your current goals and interests.  If you don't agree, I'm open to rational debate and am always looking to learn.  Let's learn from each other!

I don't claim to know everything about photography but I'm also careful to avoid posing as an expert for something I know little about.  In these areas (for example portrait photography), I'll instead try and provide references to those who have more expertise.

The two areas where I have a reasonable amount of experience are landscape and macro photography.  Here are some examples of my work, which you can judge for yourself:

In terms of cameras, I have a fairly wide breadth of experience.  I have used just about every type of digital camera (full frame, micro-four-thirds, APS-C, compact) and many film types (35mm, 645, 6x9); probably about different 30 cameras in all.  I've also been self-developing my own film since the summer of 2015.

Basic Guidelines Of This Blog

  • I value your time.  I'll try and keep topics concise.  This can be hard as everything in photography is interconnected but I'm making a conscious effort.
  • This is not a "brand x is best" blog.  I honestly think that brand has little importance for most photography (with a few exceptions in sports, wildlife, and specialty applications).

A Bit More About Me

  • I currently live in Washington State and am working in the tech industry for Google. 
  • I have two degrees, a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Master's Degree in computer science. 
  • I started getting into photography in 1999, which the time and effort invested increasing sharply in 2011.
  • I wrote a free (including zero ads) android game a while back called "Trap!", you can get it here
More links to my photography work can be found here:

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